Why and when was Natchez Children’s Services established?
NCS was founded in 1816 by a group of women in Natchez who recognized a need to educate and house children orphaned by Indian wars and a widespread yellow fever epidemic. It was established as the “Female Charitable Society.” Through almost 200 years and numerous name changes, Natchez Children's Services today is one of the oldest, continuously operated, child-focused organizations for children in the United States.

What services are provided?
Individual, group and family counseling
Advocacy and education for at-risk children and families
Community education and awareness of child abuse and its prevention

Are the children available for adoption?
Adoption services are not provided through Natchez Children’s Services.

How is NCS funded?
Natchez Children's Services is funded primarily by donations from individuals, churches, businesses, foundations, bequests, special events, gifts in-kind, memorial and honor gifts, and donated services and goods. Most NCS services are provided without charge, and therefore the need for donations is constant.
In addition, NCS has one federal grant from the Victims of Crime Act Fund for the Children’s Advocacy Center. Each year, millions of dollars are deposited into this Fund from criminal fines, forfeited bail bonds, penalty fees, and special assessments collected by U.S. Attorney's Offices, federal courts, and the Bureau of Prisons. These dollars come from offenders convicted of federal crimes, not from taxpayers.

Besides monetary gifts, what is NCS' needs List?
NCS is located on six acres of property and has 12,000 square feet of heated/cooled floor space. We operate a commercial kitchen, office space, 12 bathrooms, a large playground and garden, 10 vehicles, laundry and workshop, conference and meeting spaces, 4 classrooms, a library, two small apartments and storage space.
Any items that would help fill office and school shelves, supply closets, gas tanks, kitchen cabinets, freezers, and tool sheds are very welcome! See our NEEDS LIST.

Who is the contact person for offering help, services, or donations?
Executive Director Cherish McCallum
Email Nancy on Contact Us.

Can anyone stop by and visit?
Guests are always welcome. We host many volunteer groups, church and civic groups, and interested friends. Call the business office (601-442-6858) to schedule a tour, and let us show you whom we serve, what we do and how we do it.