Over the past two centuries, community needs have evolved; and we have evolved to meet those needs. The original charity school became an orphanage, thanks to yellow fever and Indian wars. The Natchez Orphan Asylum continued to provide shelter and care for children at risk, even as true orphans became rare but children from families unable to care for them became all too common.

Social service programs, such as family counseling and behavioral therapy, were introduced in the latter part of the twentieth century. The name was changed to Natchez Children’s Home Services in 2005 to emphasize the organization’s mission to provide more than housing. We began to reach into the homes and families of the children we served.

When public support for residential institutions was withdrawn, Natchez Children’s Home Services refused to abandon its children. It explicitly adopted an “outpatient” model and partnered with Mississippi Children’s Home Services to bring even more services to Natchez. The new model enables us to improve the lives of many more children and families than conceivable for a residence. The services and programs you see on this site are the result.

Now, as The Female Charitable Society celebrates its 200th anniversary, it has a yet another new name: Natchez Children’s Services. This name fits the current model since the NCS facility no longer provides residential care.

Despite all the name and program changes over the last two centuries, the mission remains the same. It’s all about the children. Natchez Children’s Services continues to save lives, one child at a time.